David Kahn, new video series

David Kahn, author and kravist is releasing a new DVD set, Mastering Krav Maga. According to the blurb accompanying the video on youtube, it will feature approximately seven hours of instruction (6 DVDs) covering all the techniques found in the two best selling books, Krav Maga and Advanced Krav Maga, by David Kahn and published by St. Martin’s Press along with bonus techniques.

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  1. David Kahn is one of the best. I have trained under him for 4 years now and He is a perfectionist when it comes to techniques. The only other people I would want to train with are the other instructors from the original association the “Israeli Krav Maga Association”.

  2. Thank you for posting about the Mastering Krav Maga DVD Series. Regarding the groundwork, yes, getting to one’s feet is paramount and fully emphasized. The ground techniques cover joint breaks/dislocation and choking. In addition, facing multiple opponent’s when the defender is on the ground is covered.


    David Kahn

    • Thanks for posting David, and thanks for clarifying the groundwork to be presented on the DVDs. I for one will be looking out for them for sure. When will they be released?


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