History of Krav Maga

28th July 2010 KravWorld 0

In this 7 minute documentary clip, excerpted from a brand new DVD release, you will meet the history of the system, the man who founded Krav […]

IKMF in Spain

17th March 2010 KravWorld 0

IKMF video of Krav maga in Tenerife Spain. Some disarms, multiple attackers, knife and stick attacks, groundwork…overall a very nice video! Please follow and like us:

IKMA in Portugal

17th March 2010 KravWorld 0

IKMA-PORTUGAL International Seminar with IKMA Senior Instructor Yigal Arbiv and IKMA Portuguese Instructors. Yigal is one of Haim Gidon’s senior students. Please follow and like […]

Fight for your life

3rd January 2010 KravWorld 0

A great video from Krav Maga Worldwide branch in San Diego featuring Darren Levine. Please follow and like us:

History of Krav Maga

17th December 2009 KravWorld 0

An introduction into the history of Krav Maga from the Human Weapon series. For further information on the history of Krav Maga, check out our […]

360° defence

16th December 2009 KravWorld 0

A second video featured from the Human Weapon series, this simple and effective technique is also one of the first things you will learn in […]