Eyal Yanilov groundwork

14th December 2012 KravWorld 0

Here Eyal Yanilov, chief instructor of Krav Maga Global (KMG), demonstrates various techniques at different speeds. Of particular interest is the groundwork — or rather […]

Krav Maga is bullshit

12th December 2012 KravWorld 0

That’s right. You heard correctly. Watch this very funny video to see what Master Ken from Ameri-Do-Te thinks of Krav Maga. Another great video from […]

Krav Maga Reality Show?

6th December 2012 KravWorld 0

DEFEND: Los Angeles will take entertainment and education to a whole new level by showcasing some of the most extreme and realistic self defense training […]

Krav Maga in Poland

28th July 2010 KravWorld 2

Jacek Walczak – instructor from Poland, classes in Warszawa and Lodz, teaches also in other countries. Shown here are seminars from Russia/Moscow area, May 2009. Jacek […]